The J-Dubs Came To The Door Today…

12 Apr


Look At The Sweet Haircut They Gave Jesus!

He’s 70s Ken!  And He’s Into Gay Bondage….Who Knew?IMG_1569

One Response to “The J-Dubs Came To The Door Today…”

  1. James Moore August 29, 2013 at 5:23 am #

    Sir I know Jesus and he sir he is not this man.

    I meant Jesús during the Summer of 1992 in Buenos Aries whilst bidding on the Hydro via Project with Captain Nestor Granelli (…

    Jesús last name was Gonzales, then the head of the maritime Trade Unions in Argentina, a key man in terms of the privation of the Argentine water ways under the Carlos Saúl Menem administration.(
    It was reported that Senor Gonzales had a brother living in California nick named speedy however that couldn’t be substantiated.

    As for the man pictured above i’m pretty sure I saw him at the Hartford Convention Center’s 1982 National Am Way Convention.

    the above is a true account…note the Am Way Convention center year may be off by +/- 1 year i was living on windham rd. eastford connecticut…. at the time.

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