Wind And Water

16 Sep



Once In A While The Wind

Gets To Gambol

With Water As Well.


Elements Jealous

Of Frolicking Youth,

Babies On The Beach

As Fourteen Billion Years Of Truth

Obscure The Day

When They Would Play

Terra-forming Toddlers

Moving Mountains In Their Mirth.

Two Terrifying Twins

Of Mother Earth

Who Makes Their Home And Keeps Them Close

Lets Them Play Unchecked Across Her Back

Smiling Silent

While Their Sun

Their Father Bids Them Run

And Twist And Jump And Swirl And Fly

And Try To Fill The Endless Sky


Wind And Water

Well Recall When They Were Four

And That Was All

Parents And Children In Space And So Much Time

Nothing To Do But Play

And Decorate Their Mother

Beautiful Beautiful Blue-Green Gaea

Father’s Favorite Favorite Lover.


Wind Is Strangely Still It Seems

And Water Not So Clear

Which Eon or Century, Decade Or Year

Recreation Turned To Occupation,

Water Took The Path Of Least Resistance Every Time

And Wind Began To Really Blow Things Off.

Neither Even Noticed

Mother Father Started Making

Other Babies By The Billions

Silly Fragile Fading Uglies

Every Crazy Shape

Who Lasted But A Moment

Leaving Copies In Their Wake.


Unpaid Babysitters

Endure Extreme Indignities;

Dam The Water, Mill The Wind,

Please Don’t Drown The Millions

Of Your Microscopic Kin.

But Float Their Boats And Fly Their Kites

And Irrigate Their Stupid Crops

But Not Too Much!

And Blow Their Stupid Pollen Round

But Not Too Hard!


Wrinkled Water Weary Wind

Are Older Than Mountains

Older Than Dirt

And Patience Wears Thin

For Tired Titans Too.

Ponderous Water Considers Its Weight

Says Brother As Ever

I Go With The Flow

There’s A Twinkle In The Eye Of Your Storm Today

Reminds Me When Our Work Was Play.

Mischievous Wind

Finds His Fearsome Voice And Howls

Old Is Relative You Wet Fool

We’re Middle Aged

I Can Still Dance

And You Can Still Rage

Or If You Won’t Wake

I’ll Slap Your Belly Pink

You Fat, Sodden Puddle!

And You Call Yourself A Lake!


Wise Water Smirks

Retreats From Shore

Seeing Wily Wind Is Wound Up Tight

In Full Shriek Now Can Take No More

Announces Let Your Puny Sirens Sound

And Grab Your Plastic Shit Up Off The Ground

I Doubt I’ll Feel This Way Again

Before You’re Dead So Send Your Texts

And Snap Your Pics And Blog Your Vids

Sew Your Panic Scramble For Protection

Pitiful Ploys For Useless Extensions

Momentary Matchsticks In My Midst

I’m Scarce Aware That You Exist

Run Away But Witness This

And Teach Your Sons, And Show Your Daughters:

This, My Tiny, Transient Friends

…..Is How You Play With Water


-Rob Moore

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