29 Sep

Ever wonder why the song isn’t called “Deep in the Mind of Texas”?

Of course you haven’t…. why would you?

Stupid texas

Aron Ra had to post recently about how he was testifying before the Texas state “Bored of Education”, as he calls it, regarding that it’s attempt to rewrite history, and subsequently the history books, to portray America as a Christian nation, founded on the ten commandments, among other monkey-headed fundamentalist stupidity.

It makes me wonder if the entire legislature in Texas is a blinking mob of imbeciles who really buy this nonsense, or a giant conspiracy of incredibly cynical evildoers with no whiff of Christian conscience whatsoever?   I wonder if there’s a blend?  A tiny band of string-pullers, and a huge assembly of small-minded, backwater politicians, as easily wagged by the tail as their pin-headed constituency.  I hope at least there’s some bizarre, Eyes Wide Open-style hedonism cult at work to make it more interesting…

To call Texas backwards is to insult all directional vectors, everywhere.  To call them dangerous is accurate.  They write the textbooks, and they well impress the smaller redneck states with their assumed ability to kick most of the world’s nation’s asses all by their lonesome.

Just as Catholics who continue to attend mass are supporting pedophilia, Texans who continue to live in Texas and don’t speak up about this immeasurably perilous development in a critical time in our nation’s history are part of the problem.  Every right-thinking Texan, secular and otherwise, needs to fight this, and stop it now, as tho’ ’twere cancer, because it is.  Just as most Christians are too busy with Capitalism to really be good Christians, most secularists are too busy with the same thing to fight the thing that will eventually kill what they love.

It’s a war that could easily be won with a concentrated effort on an intellectual battlefield, and that’s where the war must be fought.  After all it’s Texas, and it’s too big to just go kick its ass, even for Aron Ra.

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